We know that the higher down payment puts a sour taste in just about everyone’s mouth, but it’s pretty clear — these days, the trends are that many prospective home buyers are actually putting more money down when considering a home purchase, with the average down payment percentage rising past 17% in this third quarter, even higher than 2014’s third quarter. But why is that?

When the Housing Supply Doesn’t Match the Consumer Demand….down payment mortgage

You then get a competitive seller’s market… However, there are major reasons why it’s actually a great idea for a buyer to consider a heftier down payment:

You Want That House? Consider a Down Payment That Beats the Competition!

That’s the trend we’re looking at as home buyers will boost their credentials with that larger down payment. You do, however, have to know where the trends are exactly, and you can find that out right here. What kind of trends? Well, let’s just say that an average down payment in this current market for New York might be waaaaay different than in Mississippi! So consider your options carefully.

Information is power. Take that power and exercise it as you register here to buy a home.